Microsoft D365 Wave 1 2021 Bugs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement 2021 Wave update has a lot of cool features and enhancements (refer to the Empired post on DYNAMICS 365 & THE POWER PLATFORM – 2021 RELEASE WAVE 1 ).

There’re also some issues post enabling Wave 1, 2021 hence Microsoft recommends to test\enable Wave 1 in non-production environment. I recently enabled Wave 1, 2021 for one of the client and found the following issues.

  • Boolean Field – Post enabling Wave 1, boolean field behavior changed from standard Yes\No button to optionset (Yes\No).

Note the above issue not only impacts the custom boolean fields but also out of the box fields as well.

Image – Boolean Field
Image – Assign Button
  • Knowledge Search – If you’re using Knowledge search then post enabling Wave 1, you will experience following issue. Well, this is not actually a bug but a change required for relevance search as a part of Wave 1, 2021 upgrade. Microsoft has provided a link to the post about what changes are required for Knowledge Search Quick Find View. Link here

Note there are some other issues related to New Relevance Search shared under this post but I didn’t encounter any of those hence not listing them in this blog.

Knowledge Search FIX – Configure the following knowledge article quick find view columns

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