Manage security roles for Model Driven Apps in Dynamics 365 v 9.1

Are you in a process of creating new custom Model Driven App OR have you created a  Test Model Driven App for Unified Transition and wondering how to set permissions for the app?

If the above is what you’re planning then please refer to the following steps on ‘How to manage security roles for Model Driven Apps‘ in Dynamics 365.

Pre-requisites for assigning security roles for new/existing model driven apps.

  • You should be logged-in as Administrator.

Steps to manage security roles for Model Driven App –

  1. Login as Administrator of Dynamics 365  and select Settings.MyApps
  2. Under Application Area, click on My Apps where you will be able to see all the apps available.Test-Model Driven App 
  3. Select your app you want to give access and click on ellipsis (3 dots) next to the name of your app and then select Manage Roles. Here you select the security roles you want to give access of this App to.Manage APP Security

    Note that in the above screenshot under Manage Roles, you will see all of your D365 out-of the-box and custom security roles. You can either select single role or multiple roles by clicking on the tick before the name. 

  4. Once done with the above step, click save and user will be able to access the app based on the Model Driven App permissions.Note to give Model Driven App ‘Read‘ privilege if you created a custom security role. 

    Model APP

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