Add Emoji 👌🎧 to Option Set fields in CRM – No Code

I was bored with the text options for Option Set fields in CRM so thought of trying Emoji (😁😤😰) as Option Set values. Sometimes you may want to record user feedback like ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ or may want to capture user interest 🎧🎸.

So without further ado let’s get started and see how to add Emoji.

  1. Create solution in CRM and let’s call it Option_Set_Emoji (you can choose whatever suits your need).


2. Open the Lead form and double click on the Option-Set field and select Details tab.



3. Select Edit under Details tab and click ➕ to Add Emoji.

       Note – I found this website for copying Emoji.

4. Remove Item text from Label field and paste the Emoji ⭐

Emoji_Customer Feedback.png

5. Save & Publish your changes.

6. Open the Lead form and you will see the new Emoji will be displayed as Option for           Customer Feedback.

I’ve haven’t tried adding Emoji in previous versions (used CRM 2016 version for this example) so not sure if it’s possible to add in prior CRM versions.

You can also refer to Megan V’ Walker blog for more information.

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